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Prenatal Massage
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Pre & Postnatal CranioSacral
Infant CranioSacral Therapy


"Every time a child comes into the world, another light goes on. Thank you, Caitlin, for helping to light up the world! - Lee M.

We will never be able to convey the impact you've made on our lives. You have given us a wonderful memory through your care and dedication as our doula. Thank God we found you! We'll always consider you a part of our family."
- Terri I.

“Caitlin’s birthing classes are insightful, comforting, empowering.”
-Matthew W.

"Caitlin teaches a wonderful class - practical, thought provoking and with great respect for each couple's fears and concerns. I appreciated her flexibility with the syllabus and the time spent answering our many questions. I now feel so confident and excited to birth."
-Wendy W.

"Thank you again and again for the encouragement, support, wisdom and caring you brought to our first birth.
It was truly a dream come true."
-Lauren S.


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Ina May Gaskin & Me
The Farm
August 1996

New Moms Tell All

The last Sunday
of Every Month

Oct 4, 2015

Come listen to inspirational stories of non-medicated, non-restricted birth experiences.
Explore your options through questions, answers, discussion.

At Body, Mind & Birthing
Brentwood 90049

Space is limited!
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Hypnobirth Classes

Individual & Group
Learn tools and techniques, anatomy and physiology, myths and realities, purpose and intention, Hypnosis, NLP and so much more. The Tao of Birthing® favors non-medicated birth, but more importantly, prepares you to "go with the flow."

Doula/Hypno-Doula Services
Bring the spirit and comfort of a home birth to your hospital with endless care and wise woman support. Hypno-Doula skill set combines a culmination of credentials, continued education and twenty years’ experience as a Certified Birth Doula

Hypnotherapy and Birth Consultation
Pre & Postnatal

Gain deeper understanding of your Prenatal, Birth and Postnatal experiences and the emotions that follow. Will enlighten, resolve and bring peace.

Prenatal Massage
When Prenatal Mom is relaxed and comfortable, Enutero Baby will also be. From conception to birth, Prenatal Massage is a must due to its multi-level benefits.

Pre & Postnatal CranioSacral Therapy
Essential, due to its effective results, Prenatal CranioSacral Therapy eases labor and birth as well as enriching Postnatal Mother and Child.

Infant CranioSacral Therapy
Invaluable while Baby adapts to life outside the womb, and may continue for healthy development.Gentle ICST improves a host of discomforts due to the process of getting born, and beyond.

Pediatric Bodywork
From sports injuries and learning challenges, to anxiety and Asperger’s, your children and teens will thrive at school, on the playground, in activities and while home.

Restorative Bodywork
A fusion of massage and various bodywork techniques for non-pregnant women. Designed to relax and release, to shift and transform, to nurture body, mind, psyche and spirit.

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"Dear Caitlin,we truly appreciate your work! Your clients are always extremely well prepared and a joy to work with."   -UCLA Midwives

"The Tao of Birthing is a beautiful book, offering the world a brave look at the many mysteries that surround the birth process. It is thorough and at the same time profound, inviting readers into the 'real experience' with essential elements that belong to the realm of the soul. This book should be read by all first-time mothers and parents-to-be who hope to delve into the amazing depths of the birth experience." -Naoli Vinaver, Midwife & Activist